All mixes come in 1000ml jars and make 24+ cookies. Instructions for how to use our mixes can be downloaded from the sidebar or use the link below.

White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookie Mix – $15.99
This was the first Christmas cookie mix that we made and it’s still one of our favourites. We’ve improved our original recipe with the addition of strawberry gum (a.k.a forest berry herb). We make batches of these lovely cookies whenever we crave the wonderful contrast of creamy white chocolate and tangy cranberry. Yum!

Polka Dot Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix – $15.99
A favourite with children as well as grown-ups, these buttery cookies include brightly coloured candy-coated chocolate drops. We’ve also added a touch of lemon myrtle for improved flavour. Warning, these cookies smell divine coming out of the oven, and they are more than a little addictive!

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix – $15.99
This classic chocolate chip cookie mix uses semi-sweet chocolate chips together with rich cocoa powder and a touch of cinnamon myrtle. This mix bakes into delicious cookies with a chewy centre. Available in three varieties:

  • Regular
  • With nuts (pecans or walnuts)
  • With native pepperberry (bush spice)

Muesli Cookie & Slice Mix – $15.99
For those who prefer a healthier treat this cookie mix is perfect. Rolled oats and shredded coconut are complemented with a mix of apricots, cranberries and seeds. Our favourite way to make these is to add honey and butter and bake into muesli bars. Substitute butter and honey for nuttelex and maple syrup and you have a bar suitable for vegans or those with lactose intolerance

Peanut & Wattleseed Cookie Mix – $15.99
This delicious cookie mix has been gaining more and more fans! It’s crisp at the edges with a slightly chewy centre. The cookie is enhanced with the addition of native wattleseed, adding hints of chocolate, coffee and hazelnut to the rich flavour of roasted peanuts. The perfect mix if you love peanuts and a slightly less sweet cookie.

These mixes use gluten- and dairy-free products but may contain traces of allergens as they are made in a shared kitchen.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (DF, GF) – $17.99
This mix has proven to be one of our most popular with vegans and non-vegans alike. That’s probably because the cookie it produces is so moist and delectable that it appeals to everyone. Contains cacao nibs and bush spice (cinnamon myrtle) to add a special touch. Available options include:

  • Regular
  • With nuts (walnuts or pecans)
  • With native pepperberry (bush spice)

Cornflake Cookie Mix (GF) $17.99
This simple cookie mix is made with buckwheat flour and gluten-free cornflakes and has a chewy consistency. Even people without dietary requirements love this cookie, and it’s fabulous to use for making icecream sandwiches!

Seasonal and speciality mixes are added to our product range from time to time. Currently our range includes:

Gingerbread (Lebkuchen) Cookie Mix – $17.99

We just love, love, love our amazing Gingerbread mix. Inspired by the German Lebkuchen gingerbread, our mix included citrus peel and slivered almonds. The spice blend is complex and includes a base of cinnamon and cloves mixed with a bush spice blend. The jar comes with icing sugar for dusting. You can also purchase add-ons including kangaroo cookie cutters and bush spice icing mixture, or buy a gift pack – ask us for details.

Christmas Chocolate Chip – $17.99

This cookie is based on the same recipe as our beloved Polka Dot Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. We’ve added eye-catching red and green candy-coated buttons to bring on the Christmas cheer, and a touch of lemon myrtle to improve flavour. This is the perfect cookie to bake and share at the Christmas table with family and friends.

Festive Panforte Cake Mix (V, GF) – $19.99

Our recipe is based on a Italian festive cake packed with chocolate, fruit and nuts. This mix has a unique bush food twist as it’s spiced with native pepperberry, lemon myrtle and forest berry herb. Our Panforte bakes into a dense, moist cake that’s delicious with coffee and liqueur. A fantastic alternative to traditional Christmas Cake and it bakes in 30 minutes!

Download cookie making instructions